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Best Salt Lake City Smile Lines Fillers

  1. Mini Smile Lines Filler $350 (0.55ml Juvederm)
  2. Deep Smile Lines Filler $510 (1ml Juvederm Ultra Plus)
  3. Severe Deep Smile Lines Filler $550 (1ml Juvederm Vollure - Up to 18 months)
  4. Lip Lines Filler $535 (1ml Juvuderm Volbella)
  5. Marionette (Mouth Corner) Lines Filler $550 (1ml Juvederm Vollure - Up to 18 months)
  6. Chin/Jowl Filler $550/$720 (1ml Juvederm Vollure/Voluma)

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  • FREE Strongest Compound Numbing Cream (20%/10%/10%) & Ice Pack Included
  • Use Only FDA Approved Products
  • All Products contain Lidocaine
  • Use Galderma and Allergan Products Juvederm in USA
  • Treatment performed by Experienced Injector Dr. Ying
  • Immediate, Miraculous Result
  • Looks 5 Years Younger Today!
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"I had been to another well known spa before and since my schedule change and they couldn't get me in, I decided to try Salt Lake City Botox and Fillers due to Dr. Ying educational background. I went in hoping to get my lines around my mouth lighter. After discussing with Dr. Ying, she told me I could get my jowl back so I don't look so old with two sagging fat on each side of my face. This is something that my previous injectors had never told me before. I was thrilled and gave it a try. OMG! She is Amazing. Not only my perioral lines became so smooth, she had also smooth out all my marionette lines so I don't look like I am always angry. Most importantly, she gave me my well-defined jowl back. I wish I had met her before my son's wedding so I would look so much younger in those pictures! Highly Recommended!"
- Jane J. from salt lake city, UT
"I had a family union coming up and really wanted to look better so I came into Salt Lake City Botox and Fillers coz their reasonable pricing! I had never had any botox or fillers before so I was not sure if they would work for me. I met Dr. Ying and decided to try botox first to see how it would work. The procedure was pretty painless and quick. I was back to work in no time. After one week of botox injection, my wrinkles are dramatically better. I feel more confident about myself but everytime when I laughed, my laugh lines are so deep which made me look so old. So I went back to Dr. Ying and tried the filler. It was incredible. My laugh lines DISAPPEARED in half an hours immediately after the injection. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Ying and I would only trust her to work on my face! "
- Heather, G. from salt lake city, UT
"I had been to several medical spas with disappointing results but since I had an important event coming up, I decided to give it one more shot. I found Dr. Ying and she is a Genius! She is nice, gentle and such a perfectionist. She sees every tiny imperfections on my face and smoothed out all my laugh lines around my mouth. Additionally, she had filled the little indent I had on both side of my jaw. I was in tears of joy when I was done with the procedure coz I finally got the jawline I had always dreamed of! When I pulled out my picture from 10 years ago, it is unbelievable that I now look younger than I was. Thank you so much Dr. Ying! "
- Ashley, C. from salt lake city, UT
"Do not let the simple office fool you. This place is wonderful! It's not flashy but the talent in Dr Fiona Ying is amazing. She is truly a gifted artist.
I have visited a few other places in the valley over the years for filler and botox but had been nervous to try again because of the bad experiences I have had. I had an event coming up and wanted a little improvement I found Dr. Ying online and it was easy to schedule an appointment and I was seen the same day.
The results I have received are actually life changing. So natural and beautiful. Nothing compares even slightly close to Dr Ying’s talent. She's a perfectionist and knows exactly what is needed to help you look your naturally beautiful improved self. The changes are so amazing I can't believe it. Thank you Dr. Ying! I appreciate you more than you know!"

- Stephanie J. from salt lake city, UT
"Dr. Ying is very professional and patient. She is amazing. The results are everything I hoped for and more. I highly recommend this clinic. "
- Josie, H. from salt lake city, UT
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