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"Salt Lake City Botox and Fillers is Utah's Best Kept Secret! Dr. Ying is so gentle and so experienced in giving me the Perfect Lips I have always dreamed of! Not only I got more volume in my lips, my lip lines are also smoother with more shine! It's like I got natural lip gloss on my lips! Thank you so much!"
 - Holly W. from Salt Lake City, UT
"Do not let the simple office fool you.This place is wonderful! It's not flashy but the talent in Dr Fiona Ying is amazing. She is truly a gifted artist.

I have visited a few other places in the valley over the years for filler and botox but had been nervous to try again because of the bad experiences I have had. I had an event coming up and wanted a little improvement I found Dr. Ying online and it was easy to schedule an appointment and I was seen the same day.

The results I have received are actually life changing. So natural and beautiful. Nothing compares even slightly close to Dr Ying’s talent. She's a perfectionist and knows exactly what is needed to help you look your naturally beautiful improved self. The changes are so amazing I can't believe it. Thank you Dr. Ying! I appreciate you more than you know!" - Stephanie J. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I had been to another well known spa before and since my schedule change and they couldn't get me in, I decided to try Salt Lake City Botox and Fillers due to Dr. Ying educational background. I went in hoping to get my lines around my mouth lighter. After discussing with Dr. Ying, she told me I could get my jowl back so I don't look so old with two sagging fat on each side of my face. This is something that my previous injectors had never told me before. I was thrilled and gave it a try. OMG! She is Amazing. Not only my perioral lines became so smooth, she had also smooth out all my marionette lines so I don't look like I am always angry. Most importantly, she gave me my well-defined jowl back. I wish I had met her before my son's wedding so I would look so much younger in those pictures! Highly Recommended!"
- Jane J. from Salt Lake City, UT
"Such an amazing experience!!! Dr. Fiona is gentle and very skilled with the needle. The office was clean and had good energy. They were very professional and welcoming. I got lip fillers and I am very happy with the results!!! They have the best prices too! I am definitely coming back! I Highly recommend. Thanks again Dr. Fiona!!"
-Tiffany L. from Salt Lake City, UT
"Just took my wife Josie here yesterday, she loved Dr. Ying. Professional service and very friendly staff. Thank you." - Robert H. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I love my lips, Fiona is very accurate and very professional, I trust her with my injections. I am super excited for my botox today, I'm sure it will be great. Thanks Fiona❤ "- Uilani F. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I had a bad experience with another injector before. They injected botox on my blood vessel around my eye so I end up with bruises! Dr. Ying is a very careful and excellent injector. Not only the process was not painful, I received exceptional results with no bruise!"
- Julie S. from Salt Lake City, UT
Dr. Ying was amazing. I got my first lip fillers yesterday (1ml Ultra) and was very nervous. She let me bring back a companion to hold my hand and carefully walked me through the process. Her numbing agents worked perfectly and I barely felt a thing. She was slow and patient and suggested how to administer the filler along the way but I just took all her suggestions. Absolutely love them!
If I could go back, however, I'd do the Ultra Plus (1ml but slightly plumper/longer lasting) but I was afraid I was going to hate them and got worried. Thank you!

- Charlotte  J. from Bloomfield, MI
This is my second time coming and getting fillers. All the staff are so friendly and welcoming. The Dr. makes you feel very comfortable and is the best injector I have ever seen. I love the fact that they don’t try to upsell like so many other places do. I will be sending all my friends here.
-Angie  J. SLC, UT
This is my third time visiting Dr. Ying for Botox. She is amazing and does a perfect job. I actually live in Las Vegas and I come here now every couple of months to get my Botox.
-Shayna B. Las Vegas, NV
Dr. ying and her staff are the most down to earth genuine people I’ve come across in any medical setting. I have been twice now for fillers and Botox and always feel so at home. She listens to your wants and advices on the best plan to achieve your goals.
- Grace B. SLC, UT 
Had such an amazing experience with getting lip filler for the first time. The numbing cream was seriously great, I didn’t feel a thing! Ying was gentle and explained everything step by step. Will be back for touch ups
- Vanessa T.  SLC, UT 
Dr. Ying is a sweet lady. Her prices were clearly upfront and her injections are nearly painless. She has an excellent bedside manner.

I chose Dr. Ying because she is more specialized than ALL other Botox Practitioners I have investigated ie: Ideal Image etc. I was interested in facial contouring with Botox. I am interested in slimming my masteder muscles and jaw line. The others had no idea even though it's an extremely popular procedure.

Dr, Ying is going to be my injector for life. I am all about continuous care.

- Molly O. SLC, UT. 
I loved the work Dr. Ying did on my juvaderm! It was so professional and she was willing to work with the shape I wanted. Her prices are insanely reasonable compared to the rest of Utah, and she walked me through every step on my filler (where she would place the next step and why.) I definitely recommend. My lips look great and my confidence is improved.
-Sierra H.  SLC, UT
Dr. Ying did an amazing job with my lip fillers! I’ve been twice now and have been very happy with the results.
-Charlotte J.  SLC, UT
Been to many other places for Derma Fillers Spa Trouva Haus of Aesthetics and several Dermatologist. And without a doubt my best experience ever Dr. Ying is absolutely incredible! She took the time to explain everything but more importantly I honestly felt she cares! Help me get a discount and gave me suggestion for further treatments. Definitely will be a regular ! She did an amazing job on my upside-down smile thank you!!!
-Ezra G.  SLC, UT
I got lip fillers and Dr. Ying was so awesome! she walked me through everything she was doing and i love my results!
-Averie D.  SLC, UT
"Dr. Ying is very professional and patient. She is amazing. The results are everything I hoped for and more. I highly recommend this clinic." - Josie H. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I went to a different spa and got my lips done and it came out crooked. Both sides of my lips were uneven and my top lip looked thicker than my bottom lip. I was desperate and found Dr. Ying. Dr. Ying is such an artist! Not only she corrected all the misformation my last injector created, she also used the filler to give me the perfectly proportioned lips! Now I have the perfect smile I have always wanted! Thank you!"
- Samantha G. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I wanted more volume in my lips but I don't want anyone to know I had lip filler. I had some natural asymmetry on my lips. Dr. Ying is very good at listening to my request. She is such an artist and a gentle injector. Not only she fixed the asymmetry but also gave me a subtle change to my lips. It was just the exact amount of plumpness I wanted. Thank you!"
- Liz A. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I had a family reunion coming up and really wanted to look better. I came into Salt Lake City Botox and Fillers because of their reasonable pricing! I had never had any botox or fillers before so I was not sure if they would work for me. I met Dr. Ying and decided to try botox first to see how it would work. The procedure was pretty painless and quick. I was back to work in no time. After one week of botox injection, my wrinkles are dramatically better. I feel more confident about myself but everytime when I laughed, my laugh lines are so deep which made me look so old. So I went back to Dr. Ying and tried the filler. It was incredible. My laugh lines DISAPPEARED in half an hour immediately after the injection. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Ying and I would only trust her to work on my face! "
- Heather G. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I had been to several medical spas with disappointing results but since I had an important event coming up, I decided to give it one more shot. I found Dr. Ying and she is a Genius! She is nice, gentle and such a perfectionist. She sees every tiny imperfections on my face and smoothed out all my laugh lines around my mouth. Additionally, she had filled the little indent I had on both side of my jaw. I was in tears of joy when I was done with the procedure coz I finally got the jawline I had always dreamed of! When I pulled out my picture from 10 years ago, it is unbelievable that I now look younger than I was. Thank you so much Dr. Ying! "
- Ashley C. from Salt Lake City, UT
"Dr. Ying is awesome, this is my second time seeing her and will continue to do so. She takes her time and is very precise in everything she does. You can tell she cares about her work and the needs of her patients. I highly recommend her for any fillers and Botox procedures!!!"
- Juan B. from Salt Lake City, UT
"Dr. Ying is the best injector I've ever had. I had tried several other injextors but Dr. Ying gave me the best results with her botox injection and dermal fillers. The natural, yet symmetric look for both my upper and lower face gave me the look I needed for my date!" -Debbie L. from Salt Lake City, UT
"I went in for botox and filler injection since I was preparing for my 40th anniverary! Dr. Ying was very caring and gentle. I saw immediate miraculous result on my lip and nasolabial area! On top of that, my wrinkles disappeared within a week. Thank you for bringing the 20 years old me back!
- Peggy C. from Holladay, UT
Dr. Fiona Ying is an amazing artist. She always knows exactly what is needed to achieve the best results. I have always been able to get a same day appointment. Highly recommend her and her staff.
-Tracy, T . From SLC , UT
I highly recommend SLC botox and fillers! I’ve been to a few other places in the area and Dr. Ying is the best. I went to Ideal Image and felt scammed with their rewards system but SLC Botox and filler uses alle, which is a wonderful discount program with no commitment.

Dr. Ying is always professional, carful, and caring. I like how she shows you what she’s using and tells you what she’s doing while she’s doing it. She asks me my opinions throughout the process and values my thoughts. I have been going here for a couple of years and she is always consistent, charges fair prices, and I love the results. The website doesn’t do her work justice!

-Jennifer C. SLC, UT
This is a wonderful place for fillers and botox! I started going 2 yrs ago and will continue for all my upkeep. Very knowledgeable and understands what I want or need. They show each product details, and lot number, brand. Very important! Love them!!!!
- Helena T. SLC, UT
Absolutely wonderful experience here! Dr. Ying is great at helping you choose the best option for Botox and etc. Also want to thank everyone who works here, everyone is very kind and helpful!
- Camella P. SLC, UT. 
Dr Ying takes her time to individualize treatment, come up with a plan, and implement it. I have been very happy with the care and professionalism she shows, as well as her artistry. I’m a happy patient!
- Fred P. SLC, UT. 
My gf got the fillers done here. She is very happy with the results!
1. Prices are reasonable;
2. Dr Ying is very good at the needle, and is very accurate.
- Liang W.   SLC, UT
Dr. Ying is an artist with botox, especially with migraines involved. She was able not only to understand the light use that my neurologist wants, but also to make me look better! My face looks NATURAL! WOW. And, she seems quite brilliant. As a fellow NP I was highly impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and skill. I wish she practiced closer to my permanent residence. Her prices are fair, and she participates in the Alle program. If you are in the SLC area, and looking? Please choose Dr. Ying. I'm so impressed with her work, and I noticed "Spocking" and other issues with botox. Even my eyelids still look great. They are not heavy. She picked the perfect dosing. THANK YOU! Best wishes for a wonderful continued practice.
- Margaret J. SLC, UT. 
I love how Fiona is always taking care of me!! She is giving an excellent customer service :) I love to look great and she is always helping me to achieve this!! I totally recommend this place ❤️
-Javiera  M.  SLC, UT
Dr. Ying is hands down the best injector I've ever been to! She is kind, extremely knowledgeable, listens to her patient's needs, and gives beautiful, long lasting results. The front desk employees are also so wonderful and accommodating.-- Rusalka  C.  SLC, UT
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